not anywhere near twenty-one.

on my two week long foray into relaxation last month at my parent’s house i happened to find myself doing quite a bit of shopping.  some of it highbrow, some of it not-so-much.  i could not ignore the siren call of forever twenty-one, as it beckoned me with its shockingly low prices, despite the fact that i am no longer anywhere near twenty-one.  no matter!  lots of old people shop there, right?

well, friends…apparently not on the day that i went.  i had heaped armfuls of trend-driven, likely to fall apart merch into my arms and headed to the fitting rooms.  all was going swimmingly until a gaggle of teenagers swarmed the fitting rooms and began chatting about their perfect ‘first day of school’ outfits.  i was deflated.  and felt o-l-d.  as i have not had a ‘first day of school’ in ten years…college doesn’t count.  and even that has been five years.

i laughed it off and had a talk with myself about how i should probably just steer clear of this delightfully loud, cheap, and trendy mecca from now until forever.

which was working just fine until i was in possession of a vehicle, some extra time, and the need to ‘fill in some gaps’ in my already filled to the brim wardrobe.  except this time there we met with success: no talk of high school, a couple of fantastic transitional tops, and a fistful of glittery new baubles with which to adorn myself.  consider me back in the throes of a questionably age -inappropriate relationship.

yesterday i donned my new black “silk” and lace top with my fave harem pants (i only got asked once where my magic carpet was), some uber heavy f21 rhinestone dangly earrings, a wristful of jangles, and my beloved opals (switched out of the bejeweled flats for dinner).

i am actually physically incapable of not purchasing jewelry with this sort of heavy sparkliness.

bun + keyhole + lace panel = best attempt at not melting.

this outfit proved a worthy opponent to the oppressive savannah heat…the top was blousy and the lace provided ventilation and the pants are so lightweight that they are almost sheer.

black, brick, tropical greenery.

as we briskly walked to the car (we were only slightly behind schedule) to head to a gorgeous dinner prepared by our lovely friends i had to stop and snap these pics of the famed cathedral…the sky was incredibly blue and the cathedral was breathtaking.  i LOVE my adopted city.

holy moly, literally.


happy friday, my loves!

xo, anne



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7 responses to “not anywhere near twenty-one.

  1. Hyoonter

    lot’s of tootsy ribbon love and i wish you a fab weekend too dahlin!


  2. bh

    love the pics! best to gunterman!
    think i may get some giants / ny yankees pants like those, ehhhh?

  3. 'Kiki'

    I think you’re right-on re: Forever Twenty-One as they now have changed from Forever 21 (at least out West) – in an atempt to attract the older, literate crowd I guess…

    I love to window shop there. And eventually will try to make it in for a cute blouse or cheaply made jacket to wear with said blouse and jeans. But it’s heart breaking ‘we’ stylish women don’t have a fun place to shop like that. I guess it might sound funny to call a store Forever 30’something! LOL

    great blog.

    • hi kiki!
      thanks! when it’s good it’s good…but when f21 is bad it’s BAD. somehow the store here in savannah seems to have a better selection than others i have visited. there is just something so incredibly magical about looking at a price tag and seeing a number vastly below twenty dollars.

  4. love it…as usual 😉 that cathedral is breathtaking!

    • jamie!!!! love you!
      i think you and matt might need a weekend in savannah. this time i think that you and i can manage to stay much more coherent. no crazy holiday parties to attend!
      xo, anne

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