idle hands

you might be wondering where on earth i have been (if you are my dad).  and i would love to regale you with some glamorous and over the top story, involving champagne, foreign cities, and / or large sparkling gems.  however, the reality is much less exciting (to tell, at least).  i’ve mainly been settling in to my new job.  which, coincidentally has involved some foreign places (a new office, on a new floor, two days into the job) and a bit of champagne.  what?  i’m still celebrating!

mainly i’m just getting my bearings, chugging my iced coffee as i catch a last few moments of the today show, whilst piling on accessories, and tucking my phone into my purse…eight hours later i do the reverse, shoving the far flung wisps of clothing back into their appropriate homes, hanging up the jewels, re-shelving my shoes.  it has been a fantastic first week and i know it will only continue to get better, as i tack up all of my inspirational imagery, record my outgoing message, and get used to hiking up four flights of stairs multiple times a day (bonus points for doing so in heels!).

the main reason (new job aside) from my absence, is that my hands have been otherwise pre-occupied in the time i am not at work.  my magical brother woodie and my far too far away friend, gunter, bought me a slew of new crochet hooks (and some gorgeous yarn that i can’t bear to use until i have the perfect project) for my birthday.  and this weekend inspiration (woodie, crocheting a glove, a week into knowing how to crochet) struck.  my fingers have been working deftly non-stop.  well, as non-stop as they can be in a weekend that involves abundant sleep, amazing (vegetarian) mexican food, and ample wine.  the fruits of my labor?

come to think of it, these aren’t so much the fruits as the halfway point.  the jumping off, if you will…because i have gotten pretty crazy with my needlework.  going so far as to combine some knitting with some delicate, lacy crochet.  wild times in these parts, friends.

more soon.  promise.

xo, anne



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3 responses to “idle hands

  1. Hyoonter

    you work them hooks girl!!!



  2. Love the project…is that a necklace, so pretty!

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