some people train for noble things.  marathons, triathlons, etc.  i am in the midst of some serious, albeit completely unconventional, training.   things have been somewhat successful.  my goal is to regain the capability to frolic in heels eight hours a day five days a week, with maybe the odd evening out now and again.  within a few weeks.  can it be done?  but, of course.  however, the old “no pain, no gain” idiom rings only too true.

as with any new regime, you need ensembles with which to pair your training gear (today it was my opals, bien sur).  and sometimes the most unlikely outfits end up being a great pairing…although you merely just throw a number of things on in the hopes that they a) match and b) are appropriate for work.  today i managed to strike gold (saffron, more accurately) as i was racing out the door.

i paired a saffron-colored seersucker chiffon slipdress from my tenure at mariemarie with a free people black slip, a black lace cardigan from the line that rodarte did for target last winter, the opals, a fistful of jangly gold and brass wrist adornments and one of my all time favorite h&m purchases…this amazing geometric tiered statement necklace.  it was purchased on one of those magical lunch hours while working in ny a few years ago: you pop into h&m to see what’s new and exciting and exit with a bag filled to the brim with goodies.  most of these bits of frippery will fall by the wayside, either fallen apart of fallen out of style.  this necklace is the exception, a piece that never fails to illicit comments from multiple people throughout the day that i wear it.  i love this necklace.  the price per wear at this point practically means that h&m is paying me to wear it.  and that friends, is a good buy.

in unrelated news, i am now officially in the swing of my new schedule.  sometimes even waking up before my alarm.  sometimes managing yoga before getting to the office (on time).  with this holiday weekend approaching, i may even venture a guess that i’ll be able to post at least three (!!) times next week.

x’s and o’s, friends.



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  1. dad

    hi hi hi!
    my, what a nice post with great pictures!
    compliments to the photographer!!

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