charcoal colored nails, neck full of gems, new favorite cardi.

so, apparently it has been nineteen days since i last posted something to my dear, makingpretty.

this should come to no surprise to me as my happy little mac has been sitting forlornly, uncharged, practically untouched on my desk for as many days.  this feels all too similar to when i was younger and would buy a new journal and vow to write in it  my deadbeat blogger behavior has certainly not been intentional.  it’s just an unfortunate side effect of underestimating the onslaught of work i am facing and overestimating my ability to sit in front of a computer screen for more than twelve hours a day.

in addition to the busy and utterly fantastic work life i’ve been settling in to, lots of other exciting things have been brewing in our little nook of downtown savannah.  i searched high and low (with evan in tow, naturally) for a car to facilitate my newfound need to be in multiple places, preferably without arriving halfway melted (an unfortunate side effect of walking / biking in savannah roughly half of the year)…and found one.    a week ago i became a car owner for the first time since i graduated college and traded in my adorable, perfect little cabrio for a life of train riding.  it’s glorious, friends.  i love this little car we found.

an unfortunate, but entirely unavoidable effect of car purchasing is that i’ve spent more time than i care to acknowledge or remember at the dmv.  with more time there clearly ahead of me, as soon as i can find a moment between the hours of eight and five on monday and friday.  which frankly, doesn’t exist for the time being.

love notes. in hard copy.

i’ve been obsessing over snail mail lately.  which i can only imagine is a side effect of all of the electronic mail i’ve been sending.  my favorite thing is to go to the art supply store and choose gorgeous colored plain stationary and write notes to my loves.  i seal them up with japanese tape emblazoned with hearts.  affix a fun stamp and send them along their way.  it is such a small, but delightful task.

date night in tan and saffron.

soft evening light through the trees.

evan and i earmarked last friday night for a bona fide date.  which sounds oh-so-lame.  and i suppose it is, but it was one of the most magical friday nights we’ve had together in a long time.  who knew that someone else cooking, serving and cleaning up dinner would make such a difference?  mental note: partake in date night much, much more often.

tone on tone.

historic brick.

and with that, friends i am off for another busy day.   i promise it will not be another nineteen days without a dispatch.

xo, anne



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2 responses to “nineteen?

  1. bh

    wow, great to have you back posting!!!!!!!!

    missed you!!!!!

  2. cynara

    i am really hoping that one of those fancy little envelopes finds a way to my new mailbox!

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