an ode to saturday

el. oh. vee. ee.

at the end of weeks that have seemed to require the stamina of a marathon runner (although i won’t even pretend to know what that is all about) i find saturday to be my most favorite day.  it’s comes tiptoeing in without a wake up courtesy of a screaming alarm, involves breakfasts more elaborate than opening a box, there’s plenty of leisurely coffee sipping and the day seems full of promise for ticking off lots of mundane tasks from a list that never seems to shrink.  this is the saturday morning of fall…spring and summer saturdays are more steeped in rushed and feverish need to be on the beach, in the sand, bobbing in water.  but, i digress.

i have big plans for this weekend: errand running, book reading, magazine perusing,  picnic in the park, getting some work done (clicking away on the laptop seems less painful when done from home, glass of wine waiting nearby upon completion), editing and organizing my closet and dressers, and on and on and on.  all punctuated with nights spent sleeping with the windows (aka one window not painted shut) flung open to allow in every slightly chilled breeze that comes our way.

before i commence on checking all of these things off the list, i want to share with you some of the bounty of last weekend.  hours of which were spent in my favorite antique store, rummaging through piles of jewelry with nary a breeze or hint of air conditioning.  it was very similar to scavenging in a sauna.  i surely managed to rid myself of some toxins while procuring some amazing new accessories with which to adorn myself.

the brooch collection is beginning to overwhelm my means of storage.

obsessed with

these ornate neck huggers.

and this big, bold guy too.

if only my neck could handle all three of them at once.

goldtone, heaped on the gorgeous charley harper tome.

i hope you all enjoy a weekend filled with gorgeous things, good sleep and maybe a cocktail or two.

xo, anne


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One response to “an ode to saturday

  1. dad

    “it was very similar to scavenging in a sauna. i surely managed to rid myself of some toxins.”

    you surely have a way with words!

    almost worth the wait, great post, LOVE the pics.

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