two tickets to paradise


you are a welcome delight.


the weather is certainly not the most exciting thing to be happening this week…but i cannot get over how glorious it has been here in savannah.  seventy-five degrees with no humidity really suits this cobblestone lined city.  it’s far more enjoyable than the deathly heat and humidity that seems so far away now.  amazing what some briskness in the air does, huh?



and while the weather is merely the backdrop for all else and i refuse to let it take center stage, the mere breaking out of the armoire of three different pairs of boots may be of the more news making events i’ve been privy to in some time.   this week has seen layering (cardigans!  light jackets!  socks!), open windows of the car and apartment variety and a certain golden tinted fall light that is just such a happymaker.


more, please.



i took these images of the sunset last saturday while reading, sipping a glass of chardonnay and generally just enjoying some well deserved downtime.  i had forgotten my camera and my blackberry happened to do a decent job of capturing the incredible colors before they slipped away just as quickly as they had come.

weekend, here i come!  in case you must know…this weekend includes a little something called “pirate fest” and involves a live performance from mr. eddie money.  shiver me timbers and find me a bedazzled eye patch!

xo, anne



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3 responses to “two tickets to paradise

  1. Caroline

    i have a confession… sunsets are one of my most favorite things! next to this weather of course.

    have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  2. dad

    don’t forget your sharpie, matie!!!!!

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