a month or two late…

hello, there 2011.  truth be told, i’m not sure where the end of 2010 went.  or more accurately, i’m not sure how i managed to fall so behind on cataloging all that was happening.  it maybe stemmed from the death of my not-so-trusty camera (the last sony i’ll own).  additionally, it may have had something to do with my maniacal and seemingly unending holiday shopping.  oh, and work.  lets not forget that guy.  we’re pretty tight, me and my work.

so in an effort to get back in the groove and back on track with my dear little blog, i’ll catch you up a bit.  starting with christmas…when i tore open the wrapping paper (a few days early) to the joyous sight of a shiny new camera.  yay early presents with evan!

i headed north at the crack of dawn on christmas eve day to my family.

why, hello santa. fancy seeing you here.

cuddly, snuggly ernie.

a merry marimekko christmas

this year was fantastic…all footie pajamas and mimosas and cuddling on the couch while leisurely unwrapping gifts.  and multiple viewings of despicable me.  which is such a happymaker.

fringey, black leather magic. courtesy of my one and only sistergirl.

i unwrapped many a fantastic treat including this bag, some incredible beetle wing earrings (not documented yet, but expect images soon), a griddle that i have used more times than i can possibly count in the last two months, and on and on.  it was amazing.

new giles and brother with its bangle brethren.

and friends, after the gifts came the snow.  oh, so much snow.  so much snow that we were almost stranded at my grandparents’ house.  so much snow that noone had to work and we were gloriously stuck at home all together, snug and cozy.  we shoveled snow, we ate pancakes, we shoveled some more, we built a snow bar and warmed up by a fire with drinks in hand.  it was maybe the most magical way to take a beating from a blizzard.

howard men shoveling.


lots 'o snow.

ma sister. with snow shovel.


the rest of the trip was more of this magic and then some.  the end of the visit came too quickly (as usual) and i headed back to the south.  where for a blissful week or so was not in need of a coat or snow boots.

sparkles, glitters, 2011.

evan and i rang in the new year by ourselves on tybee with roasted oysters and low country boil and bubbly (for me).  it was perfection.  we woke up on the first of the year to a balmy day and a walk on the beach.

flock of seagulls. for real.

and somehow here we are on the eve of valentines day…it’s been just over a year since i started blogging here and i am looking forward to many more.  if i can just pull my s*&t together already.

and with that i belatedly wish you a happy 2o11 and an early happy hearts day.




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  1. bh

    welcome back !!!!!!!!

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