mantlescape of heart day glory. take note of the licorice. it is the.best.ever.

well, friends we made it through another day of hearts.  although i have a cold so brutal i was sure i wouldn’t make it.  thankfully i did and i’m glad we stuck to our guns and holed up in the apartment…no cheesy prix fixe menu or schmaltzy decor.  just us and a self-imposed no tv, no books rule.  which i broke as soon as i realized the westminster dog show was on.  oops.  nothing more romantic than dogs and their poorly dressed handlers parading around madison square garden…am i right?!

there were flowers,

there were rifle paper co cards (from me to evan),

there was also a card from evan…not shown as it may fall more into the schmaltzy arena.  there is nothing cuter than two bulldog puppies cuddled up all wrinkly, right?  right.  i won’t take a picture of the picture on the card.  much as i want to.

there was also dinner.  which i didn’t capture.  because this darn cold rendered me unable to taste anything.  or speak intelligibly for that matter.  for the sake of full disclosure though i did a pepper encrusted filet, caramelized shallot mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts with lemon and bacon.  i’m told it was very tasty.  oh, and we can’t forget the sea-salted brownies.  which.are.incredible.  you don’t even need the ability to taste to know this fact.

but now on to the fun part: presents!  more accurately, new shoes.  behold.

teaser. what could be behind this hot pink tissue?

strappy suede espadrille-soled wedges.

with tasseled zipper pulls? yes, please.

one more.

these are this year’s update to my beloved opals.  lighter color, espadrille sole, suede.  loves.  muchos gracias, free people…and evan, of course.

in the past two days my cold has lessened its death grip on my sinuses and i think this joyous fact warrants a glass of pinot noir and a sea-salted brownie.





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5 responses to “hearts.

  1. bh

    two posts in one week, W-O-W.

  2. Caroline

    you’re back! yayyyyy! and just as i stopped checking your blog compulsively for updates 😉

    happy belated hearts day! and happy early weekendin’! xoxo

    • caroline!
      happy belated birthday!!!! i was catching up (finally) on the real postgrads and realized that i missed wishing you a happy b-day. made me feel like a real jerk!
      i hope all is well!!!

  3. Can we talk more about these brownies? Recipe, please. They sound amazing. And I love your shoes!

    • hi jacque!
      we can talk about these brownies alllllll day. they are amazing. and in the name of blogging them for you i will make another batch. definitely not because i am addicted. not at all.

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