fancy pants.

loudly printed fancy pants courtesy of corey lynn calter, via my love anthro.

i got dressed this morning with the sole intention of wearing a new pair of shoes.  these are some really special shoes as they are a) gold, b) slightly glittery c) kate spade and most importantly d) cost me almost nothing.  but they’re a bit tricky to wear as they are also a) pointy-toed b) delicately heeled and c) gold and shimmery (i have shockingly pale legs right now…).  so i needed to dress around these tricky but magical shoes.  and i did and i loved the look…got lots of shoe compliments too.

a. nother. one.

unfortunately, i have not a single shoe picture for you.  why?  a combination of a) pale legs and b) i was the sole photographer tonight and my powers of capturing this shoe / pant combo were limited.  as evidenced by the amount of tweedle-dee-ish foot images i ended up with.

teeny tiny vintage gold heart. from my mom. with teeny tiny gold feet.

i also wanted to show you my absolute most favorite new brooch.  procured on the same day as the magical kate spades as luck would have it.  and by luck i mean my friend mitchell…as he is clearly not only great fun but also the secret lucky charm for finding   seriously.

gold eyeglasses. like mine! but in brooch form.

there’s a chill in the air today after all of the balmy weather we had this weekend and the beginning of the week…but!  it’s supposed to warm up again tomorrow.  which is perfect timing as it’s evan and my four year meet-a-versary and we’re treating ourselves to dinner out on the town.  hopefully we’ll be able to snag a table outside as this restaurant has a cozy, gorgeous outdoor area.

more soon!





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6 responses to “fancy pants.

  1. Caroline

    i not so secretly wish we could share closets… or at least shoes! xo

  2. bh


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