one and only.


my girl.


i’m a bit out of sorts this week.  it’s wednesday and i still have yet to do our grocery shopping / menu planning for the week.  ooops.

last weekend was slow and gray and perfect that way.  we celebrated a friend’s birthday and had a cozy dinner on tybee island.  nothing to account for how groggy and underwater i feel.

but!  i’m pushing through…thanks to bikram classes and the immense excitement of my one and only sister arriving in savannah a week from today!




we like clownishly big glasses in this family.



she’s amazing and adorable and so much fun.


hey, cutie. come visit.



i’m working out the logistics of our itinerary…it will look something like this: cuddle on the couch, sip prosecco, giggle, eat something yummy, sleep.  wake up, repeat.  add in some wedding dress shopping and some shark tooth hunting (first foray in the boat for 2011!!!) and you’ve got about 5 magical days.

back to counting down the minutes til she arrives…

xo, anne




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2 responses to “one and only.

  1. Chrissy

    I’m am jealous of the couch time that will be had 😦

  2. dad

    nice,very nice

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