oh, hey.

my name is anne (pronounced annie – the “i” is implied i suppose) and i reside in lovely, hauntingly beautiful savannah, ga.

i love: my family (hi kevin!), sparkles, cooking, glitters, high fives, knitting, good times, footie pajamas, baking, books, arcade fire, board games, sharks, vintage, bingo, cookbooks, the internets, couch time, sillyness, photoshoots…

i hate: mayo, jerks.

***ed. note: all photos on this blog are personal photos taken by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. xo***

photoshoot. bank parking lot, nj. magic.


4 responses to “About

  1. o…mg. perfection. i am seriously falling in love.

  2. Amie

    Love it Annie! I didnt know you had a blog! Much less a interesting one! Im hooked, cant wait to read more!

  3. hi anne…just wanted to say hello and that i love your blog. i saw it on your facebook page and love it because it is so you and you’re great!!
    p.s…hope you’re enjoying your bday…can’t believe how old we’re (esp. i’m getting!!)

  4. fun blog.

    my friend just moved to savannah. if you see a swiss girl, tell her alyssa says hi 😉

    i’d love to visit soon.

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