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anything to make you smile

concert attire...

it’s official, the best way to kick off the week is with a loud, amazing concert.  preferably one to which you scored tickets that put you within touching range of the stage.  especially if these incredible seats are located in something called “the golden circle”.


what's in there?

add to that glorious weather, a couple glasses of chardonnay and a tall, easygoing partner in crime and it doesn’t get much better.

oh, wait top all of that off with a night of rolling thunderstorms and rain to sleep to.

just a much needed reprieve from a whole lot of intensity.

in summary: band of horses are amazing in concert.  i wore my glasses as my distance vision is pitiful…turns out i had no need for specs!  we were oh, so close.  i wore my new favorite vintage cotton gauze dress (a nod as per usual to mrs. roper).  brilliant idea: packing a pair of flats for the walk home.

view from our seats.


xo, anne



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baby, come back.

oh, hi.  lets time travel, shall we?  i will blame the need to do so on our internet.  always wonky, now completely uncooperative.  it’s on a long list of things to tackle once i’ve climbed out from under my mass of work.  this internet situation presents both good and bad situations…bad: 6am trips to starbucks to begin my work day, emailing as i chug a clover brewed coffee.  that is, until a jittery, questionably smelling man crackhead sits next to me.  good: re-visiting paige’s trip to savannah.  she’s been gone almost two weeks (though it feels much longer) and i’m just now getting around to this post.  i could use a little reminder of how lovely and magical and carefree things were mere weeks ago…

howard girls in green. with prosecco.

there was the day filled with green, silly people in the streets and more prosecco than you could shake a stick at.

our little friend joined us for cocktails and people watching.

there were hours of sitting in the sun. jackets became unnecessary as the weather was perfection.

sidenote: this is roughly every piece of green i own.

there might be nothing better than sitting on the steps with your sister in the sun.

there were pansies galore.

there was a favorite spot to sit and watch the party people pass by.

not pictured: there was a day of wedding dress shopping.  as much as i would love to plaster this little nook of the internet with images of the dresses not bought and the one that is currently hanging waiting patiently in my closet….i just cannot.  the woman at the dress store gave me very strict instructions.  but the dress, she is gorgeous.

there was an al fresco italian feast,

at a table for two.

there was a day on the open water.

there was the discovery of an insanely large tooth that surely belonged to a megalodon

there was a slow afternoon spent overlooking the marsh

there was the.super.moon. spied over the ocean.

there was some documentation of our toothy finds.

there was an afternoon of shopping, macarons and giggles.

there were hours spent in the grass, at the park assembling mood boards for the wedding.

there was frankly not enough time with my sister.  that’s the way it always is with my family though…it’s all so wonderful and perfect and in the blink of an eye it’s over.  i may have campaigned for here to move her.  my fingers are firmly crossed that it will happen.

that’s all, for now.

xo, anne


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a month or two late…

hello, there 2011.  truth be told, i’m not sure where the end of 2010 went.  or more accurately, i’m not sure how i managed to fall so behind on cataloging all that was happening.  it maybe stemmed from the death of my not-so-trusty camera (the last sony i’ll own).  additionally, it may have had something to do with my maniacal and seemingly unending holiday shopping.  oh, and work.  lets not forget that guy.  we’re pretty tight, me and my work.

so in an effort to get back in the groove and back on track with my dear little blog, i’ll catch you up a bit.  starting with christmas…when i tore open the wrapping paper (a few days early) to the joyous sight of a shiny new camera.  yay early presents with evan!

i headed north at the crack of dawn on christmas eve day to my family.

why, hello santa. fancy seeing you here.

cuddly, snuggly ernie.

a merry marimekko christmas

this year was fantastic…all footie pajamas and mimosas and cuddling on the couch while leisurely unwrapping gifts.  and multiple viewings of despicable me.  which is such a happymaker.

fringey, black leather magic. courtesy of my one and only sistergirl.

i unwrapped many a fantastic treat including this bag, some incredible beetle wing earrings (not documented yet, but expect images soon), a griddle that i have used more times than i can possibly count in the last two months, and on and on.  it was amazing.

new giles and brother with its bangle brethren.

and friends, after the gifts came the snow.  oh, so much snow.  so much snow that we were almost stranded at my grandparents’ house.  so much snow that noone had to work and we were gloriously stuck at home all together, snug and cozy.  we shoveled snow, we ate pancakes, we shoveled some more, we built a snow bar and warmed up by a fire with drinks in hand.  it was maybe the most magical way to take a beating from a blizzard.

howard men shoveling.


lots 'o snow.

ma sister. with snow shovel.


the rest of the trip was more of this magic and then some.  the end of the visit came too quickly (as usual) and i headed back to the south.  where for a blissful week or so was not in need of a coat or snow boots.

sparkles, glitters, 2011.

evan and i rang in the new year by ourselves on tybee with roasted oysters and low country boil and bubbly (for me).  it was perfection.  we woke up on the first of the year to a balmy day and a walk on the beach.

flock of seagulls. for real.

and somehow here we are on the eve of valentines day…it’s been just over a year since i started blogging here and i am looking forward to many more.  if i can just pull my s*&t together already.

and with that i belatedly wish you a happy 2o11 and an early happy hearts day.



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charcoal colored nails, neck full of gems, new favorite cardi.

so, apparently it has been nineteen days since i last posted something to my dear, makingpretty.

this should come to no surprise to me as my happy little mac has been sitting forlornly, uncharged, practically untouched on my desk for as many days.  this feels all too similar to when i was younger and would buy a new journal and vow to write in it  my deadbeat blogger behavior has certainly not been intentional.  it’s just an unfortunate side effect of underestimating the onslaught of work i am facing and overestimating my ability to sit in front of a computer screen for more than twelve hours a day.

in addition to the busy and utterly fantastic work life i’ve been settling in to, lots of other exciting things have been brewing in our little nook of downtown savannah.  i searched high and low (with evan in tow, naturally) for a car to facilitate my newfound need to be in multiple places, preferably without arriving halfway melted (an unfortunate side effect of walking / biking in savannah roughly half of the year)…and found one.    a week ago i became a car owner for the first time since i graduated college and traded in my adorable, perfect little cabrio for a life of train riding.  it’s glorious, friends.  i love this little car we found.

an unfortunate, but entirely unavoidable effect of car purchasing is that i’ve spent more time than i care to acknowledge or remember at the dmv.  with more time there clearly ahead of me, as soon as i can find a moment between the hours of eight and five on monday and friday.  which frankly, doesn’t exist for the time being.

love notes. in hard copy.

i’ve been obsessing over snail mail lately.  which i can only imagine is a side effect of all of the electronic mail i’ve been sending.  my favorite thing is to go to the art supply store and choose gorgeous colored plain stationary and write notes to my loves.  i seal them up with japanese tape emblazoned with hearts.  affix a fun stamp and send them along their way.  it is such a small, but delightful task.

date night in tan and saffron.

soft evening light through the trees.

evan and i earmarked last friday night for a bona fide date.  which sounds oh-so-lame.  and i suppose it is, but it was one of the most magical friday nights we’ve had together in a long time.  who knew that someone else cooking, serving and cleaning up dinner would make such a difference?  mental note: partake in date night much, much more often.

tone on tone.

historic brick.

and with that, friends i am off for another busy day.   i promise it will not be another nineteen days without a dispatch.

xo, anne


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time, she is flying.

it seems as though i may have jinxed myself…my hope to post at least once a day this week went out the window yesterday.  i got hit with a major case of the blahs.  and just felt uninspired and blech.  but, i am not down for the count!

i’m wearing a bit of newness today!  one of the many sartorial gems that i procured during my travels in my homeland.  i have yet to style her and i may have had to do some emergency strap repair but i am no less thrilled about this frock.  i think it’s safe to say that she will be decked out with some vintage brooches, wristfuls of bangles, and maybe a few big necklaces.  just  a shot in the dark, friends.

why, hello pretty friend.

your full skirtedness delights me.

and to solidify my belief that today is going to be nothing short of fantastic, i have the arcade fire unstaged show on tap for tonight.  i believe it’s the universe’s way of apologizing for the fact that savannah is not a tour stop for my most favoritest of musical geniuses.

little preview to stoke your excitement?

this band is so amazing in concert (i was fortunate enough to be witness to the magic twice while living in cities large enough to warrant a tour stop) and i may be mildly to overwhelmingly obsessed with the suburbs, their new album (cd?, whatever the correct music term is these days).  i strongly suggest that if you aren’t on a tour stop or didn’t get tickets that you put this on your calendar for tonight.

xo, anne

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objects of my affection

why, hello.

i am having the most fantastic, relaxing, laid-back, and cozy trip.  the only thing that could make it any better is if evan was here as well.

passenger seat.

yesterday paigie and i did some work on the internets over big steaming mugs of coffee and then had an incredible and incredibly filling lunch at chipotle.  not anything indigenous to the area, but we don’t have one in savannah and i love a good burrito.  how can you not?  we took the tandem bike out for a spin afterwards out of necessity.

row of lockers.


gorgeous sky, with lockers.

in the afternoon we ventured to the beach with the family we babysat on saturday.  it was hours in the pool with happy little squirmy cuties.  we took turns catching them as they jumped happily and fearlessly off of the diving board into the deep end.  it was so much fun.  not only getting to spend more time with the kids, but also reveling in the nostalgia of all the summers we spent at the same beach club growing up.  i found myself peeking into all the nooks and crannies of the club to see what had changed.  and thankfully, not much has.  we left, happily waterlogged and amazed at the boundless energy these little ones have.

once everyone at our house returned from work we headed out for a lovely dinner at our favorite italian restaurant.  it was great food, great being all together.  we even stopped for ice cream (soft serve!!!) on the way home.  this is another love of mine that eludes me in savannah (probably a good thing).


ducks in a row.


hopefully the weather will remain sunny and torrential rain-free this afternoon…i have high hopes for an afternoon of adventuring.

xo, anne


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happy birthday.

paper treat for the birthday girl.

as if there has not been enough celebration and merriment in these parts, we had a glorious event to toast to on thursday…my one and only sister’s birthday.

the six of us got an amazing dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant.  paige and i trotted across the street to get some mexican beer to imbibe with dinner and the lovely man and the store gave her a free lottery ticket (fingers crossed that it’s a winner!).

birthday girl with free lottery ticket.

upon returning home we had a photoshoot with a great prop, the cozy coupe.  flashback to being little.  it was hilarious seeing everyone getting creative with their choice of poses with the little red car.  winning pose?  bill, getting run over by the car.  great one.

relaxing in my ride.

we had an ice cream cake for dessert and then amused ourselves with the crepe paper we had decorated with.  doesn’t take much over here.

ice cream cake, made even better with the addition of gummies.

crepe papering my dome.

as sad as i am that the concurrent birthdays and respective celebrations are over, i think everyone over here could use a detox from the sugar…

xo, anne

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