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a resounding yes.


off to dinner.


this past thursday evan and i celebrated our four year meet-a-versary.  the weather cooperated, we dined outside, cava was sipped, the food was amazing.


al fresco.


we strolled around downtown, got frozen yogurt, visited the spot where we first kissed.  then we headed home and evan asked me to marry him.  i responded with a resounding yes.


new best friend.


my left hand now sports a aquamarine and diamond baguette stunner from the 40’s.  it’s perfect and i am just so thrilled to be engaged to such a fantastic evan.  the outpouring of congratulations, excitement and support from our friends and family has been overwhelming and magical.  to say that i’m beaming is an understatement.





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mantlescape of heart day glory. take note of the licorice. it is

well, friends we made it through another day of hearts.  although i have a cold so brutal i was sure i wouldn’t make it.  thankfully i did and i’m glad we stuck to our guns and holed up in the apartment…no cheesy prix fixe menu or schmaltzy decor.  just us and a self-imposed no tv, no books rule.  which i broke as soon as i realized the westminster dog show was on.  oops.  nothing more romantic than dogs and their poorly dressed handlers parading around madison square garden…am i right?!

there were flowers,

there were rifle paper co cards (from me to evan),

there was also a card from evan…not shown as it may fall more into the schmaltzy arena.  there is nothing cuter than two bulldog puppies cuddled up all wrinkly, right?  right.  i won’t take a picture of the picture on the card.  much as i want to.

there was also dinner.  which i didn’t capture.  because this darn cold rendered me unable to taste anything.  or speak intelligibly for that matter.  for the sake of full disclosure though i did a pepper encrusted filet, caramelized shallot mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts with lemon and bacon.  i’m told it was very tasty.  oh, and we can’t forget the sea-salted brownies.  which.are.incredible.  you don’t even need the ability to taste to know this fact.

but now on to the fun part: presents!  more accurately, new shoes.  behold.

teaser. what could be behind this hot pink tissue?

strappy suede espadrille-soled wedges.

with tasseled zipper pulls? yes, please.

one more.

these are this year’s update to my beloved opals.  lighter color, espadrille sole, suede.  loves.  muchos gracias, free people…and evan, of course.

in the past two days my cold has lessened its death grip on my sinuses and i think this joyous fact warrants a glass of pinot noir and a sea-salted brownie.




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a month or two late…

hello, there 2011.  truth be told, i’m not sure where the end of 2010 went.  or more accurately, i’m not sure how i managed to fall so behind on cataloging all that was happening.  it maybe stemmed from the death of my not-so-trusty camera (the last sony i’ll own).  additionally, it may have had something to do with my maniacal and seemingly unending holiday shopping.  oh, and work.  lets not forget that guy.  we’re pretty tight, me and my work.

so in an effort to get back in the groove and back on track with my dear little blog, i’ll catch you up a bit.  starting with christmas…when i tore open the wrapping paper (a few days early) to the joyous sight of a shiny new camera.  yay early presents with evan!

i headed north at the crack of dawn on christmas eve day to my family.

why, hello santa. fancy seeing you here.

cuddly, snuggly ernie.

a merry marimekko christmas

this year was fantastic…all footie pajamas and mimosas and cuddling on the couch while leisurely unwrapping gifts.  and multiple viewings of despicable me.  which is such a happymaker.

fringey, black leather magic. courtesy of my one and only sistergirl.

i unwrapped many a fantastic treat including this bag, some incredible beetle wing earrings (not documented yet, but expect images soon), a griddle that i have used more times than i can possibly count in the last two months, and on and on.  it was amazing.

new giles and brother with its bangle brethren.

and friends, after the gifts came the snow.  oh, so much snow.  so much snow that we were almost stranded at my grandparents’ house.  so much snow that noone had to work and we were gloriously stuck at home all together, snug and cozy.  we shoveled snow, we ate pancakes, we shoveled some more, we built a snow bar and warmed up by a fire with drinks in hand.  it was maybe the most magical way to take a beating from a blizzard.

howard men shoveling.


lots 'o snow.

ma sister. with snow shovel.


the rest of the trip was more of this magic and then some.  the end of the visit came too quickly (as usual) and i headed back to the south.  where for a blissful week or so was not in need of a coat or snow boots.

sparkles, glitters, 2011.

evan and i rang in the new year by ourselves on tybee with roasted oysters and low country boil and bubbly (for me).  it was perfection.  we woke up on the first of the year to a balmy day and a walk on the beach.

flock of seagulls. for real.

and somehow here we are on the eve of valentines day…it’s been just over a year since i started blogging here and i am looking forward to many more.  if i can just pull my s*&t together already.

and with that i belatedly wish you a happy 2o11 and an early happy hearts day.



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two tickets to paradise


you are a welcome delight.


the weather is certainly not the most exciting thing to be happening this week…but i cannot get over how glorious it has been here in savannah.  seventy-five degrees with no humidity really suits this cobblestone lined city.  it’s far more enjoyable than the deathly heat and humidity that seems so far away now.  amazing what some briskness in the air does, huh?



and while the weather is merely the backdrop for all else and i refuse to let it take center stage, the mere breaking out of the armoire of three different pairs of boots may be of the more news making events i’ve been privy to in some time.   this week has seen layering (cardigans!  light jackets!  socks!), open windows of the car and apartment variety and a certain golden tinted fall light that is just such a happymaker.


more, please.



i took these images of the sunset last saturday while reading, sipping a glass of chardonnay and generally just enjoying some well deserved downtime.  i had forgotten my camera and my blackberry happened to do a decent job of capturing the incredible colors before they slipped away just as quickly as they had come.

weekend, here i come!  in case you must know…this weekend includes a little something called “pirate fest” and involves a live performance from mr. eddie money.  shiver me timbers and find me a bedazzled eye patch!

xo, anne


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harem time

swathed in drapey harem (hammer?) pants.

friends, i don’t know what has come over me…but, i purchased a pair of harem pants.  i strolled past them in the h&m, shook my head to myself (as in: “no, anne.  no can do”), wandered the store, dreamed about the lightweight harem pants, resisted picking them up, and then gave in and grabbed them before retreating to the dressing room.

i figured there was no way that they would work and no way that i could love them.  but love them i did.  and for $17.95, those harem pants made their way home with me.  i have had a hard time taking them off since.  i.  love.  these.  pants.  they are new best friends with my opals.  match made in heaven.

why, yes...

i do quite like these silly pants.

new best friends: harem pants & opal wedges.

beating the heat

sidenote: new vintage earrings.

deep pockets.


in the garden.

close up on opals.

putting the harem pants in the corner

excellent ease of movement.

so here’s the deal.  these pants may be ridiculous.  and they may be past their trend “prime”.  but frankly, i don’t feel that their level of trendiness matters all that much.  because these beauts are comfortable as the day is long (and summer days are quite long) and are light and breezy.  which makes them my new love.  the perfect pant for weather that makes you loath to have any wisp of fabric rest on your skin, for fear of melting.  they are a genius solution for the days when i am so sick of all of my dresses that seem to have been worn ad nauseam.  and they paired beautifully with a slouchy tee and the opals.  easy easy easy.

xo, anne

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afternoon (citrus) delight

i had hoped that venturing north of the mason dixon line would enable me to escape the sweltering heat and humidity of my lovely savannah.  lo and behold, though the weather here has had other plans.  mainly heat waves and humidity.  which i have done well at avoiding by spending oodles of time in bodies of water.  but!  there are adventures to be had and things to see.

sunny day, pretty real estate.

love the house. love the waving flag.

another street, another flag in the breeze.

parking space. navy blue toes.

so, yesterday paigie and i ventured down to asbury park.  we wandered our favorite antique store.  then strolled along the boardwalk.  unfortunately we were sweaty and three-quarters of the way to hangry (hungry+angry = hangry).  there was nearly a meltdown…luckily, we narrowly avoided this by having a miraculous and perfect lunch.  freshly made lemonade and french fries.  it was indulgent and refreshing and we watched the waves rolling in as we ate in the shade.

happy, happy citrus drink.




goodbye, hangriness!


gracias, pucker!

under the sea, mural.

and with that i’m off to bob in the pool!

xo, anne

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hearts and helium

greetings from birthday land…it’s a wonderful place.

we had a spectacular dinner last night and i bestowed the crafty knick-knacks i had made for everyone upon their intended recipients…caution: brightly-colored foam galore ahead.

i love kevin.



woodie bunny.


love a coozie.


it was a fantastic evening filled with laughter…

and then i awoke on this gray birthday morning to the most spectacular sight of all time.  twenty-eight pink heart balloons, with one gold star (for good luck) courtesy of my magical little sister.

why, yes...

this is indeed the best way to awaken.

and i'm pretty sure...

that heaven is akin to this.

and with that i am off for a day that can hopefully hold a candle to the already spectacular morning i am immersed in.

xoxoxo, anne


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