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sunny days.


palm lined sidewalks.


it was another gorgeous weekend in savannah, friends.  the weather was perfect with the window flung open, i celebrated with friends, evan and i chatted about what the wedding will look like and we fielded some incredibly nice well wishes.  i continue to grin from ear to ear…


spanish moss with sunshine.


we spent two whole afternoons draped on a blanket in the park.  me: reading back issues of martha stewart weddings aka my personal heaven, evan: reading books on history.  both of us getting some much needed sun.


there was the obligatory manicure to go with my new piece of sparkle (with accompanying pedi, naturally).


vermillionaire by essie on my toes.

knockout pout by essie on my fingers.


we toasted with evan’s parents over a steaming pot of low country boil.  there was the most insane blanket of fog on tybee, as soon as we drove onto the island it was as if it had been bathed in smoke.

sunday morning we were back downtown for more sun in the park.


printed ode to mrs roper. sure to be worn to shreds by september.

friends. not shown: one hyper, happy shiba inu, off camera chewing grass.


i am actively trying not to panic about all of the planning and details and am focusing on how thrilled i am to invite our friends and family to savannah (hopefully) for a big party.  first goal: set a date.  yikes.

xo, anne


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summertime clothes

valentine's shoes, how nice of you to join us so soon!

this weekend was incredible.  i know all weekends are pretty great inherently but this one whispered to me of summer.  and that, friends is something special.  the weather forecast and its highs in the mid to upper 70’s is what pulled me through an intense as all get out week.  i sat at my desk, pausing between emails, to daydream of a weekend spent on a blanket, bathed in sun at the park.

pattern, stripes, big glasses...we're off!

some might call my determination something close to hellbent.  and in the end it was so worth all the dreaming, the planning, the packing of bags for a day at the park.  there were books to be read, magazines to pore over, perrier’s to be sipped, sandwiches to be nibbled and then i may or may have topped the whole shebang off with some icy cold prosecco.  because that is the icing on the cake in terms of a warm, sunny day at the park.  right?  the whole day had a feel of “i must pinch myself, this is per.fection.”

note the bags in the background. evan remarked that i pack more for an afternoon in the park than most folks do for vacation. he might be correct.

vintage napkins, sparkling libations, sandwiches and an evan foot.

in the late afternoon we left downtown for a jaunt to tybee.  i wish it was just for some time at the beach…but our dryer is broken and the laundry pile was inciting panicky feelings.  which were not welcome on my magical weekend.  we watched the sun set over the marsh and then headed to a cute little restaurant for dinner and maybe one more glass of bubbles while our laundry got to work at evan’s parent’s house.

after dinner we went down to the beach and saw the most amazing moon over the water.  no matter how much we tried to capture the intense light bathing the water, it was a sight best seen in person.

oh, gorgeous nighttime sky.

nighttime reflections.

sunday was a day filled with beachside lunch (though i should note it was quite chilly so you don’t hate me too much), errands, sunshine and preparing for another workweek.




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an ode to saturday

el. oh. vee. ee.

at the end of weeks that have seemed to require the stamina of a marathon runner (although i won’t even pretend to know what that is all about) i find saturday to be my most favorite day.  it’s comes tiptoeing in without a wake up courtesy of a screaming alarm, involves breakfasts more elaborate than opening a box, there’s plenty of leisurely coffee sipping and the day seems full of promise for ticking off lots of mundane tasks from a list that never seems to shrink.  this is the saturday morning of fall…spring and summer saturdays are more steeped in rushed and feverish need to be on the beach, in the sand, bobbing in water.  but, i digress.

i have big plans for this weekend: errand running, book reading, magazine perusing,  picnic in the park, getting some work done (clicking away on the laptop seems less painful when done from home, glass of wine waiting nearby upon completion), editing and organizing my closet and dressers, and on and on and on.  all punctuated with nights spent sleeping with the windows (aka one window not painted shut) flung open to allow in every slightly chilled breeze that comes our way.

before i commence on checking all of these things off the list, i want to share with you some of the bounty of last weekend.  hours of which were spent in my favorite antique store, rummaging through piles of jewelry with nary a breeze or hint of air conditioning.  it was very similar to scavenging in a sauna.  i surely managed to rid myself of some toxins while procuring some amazing new accessories with which to adorn myself.

the brooch collection is beginning to overwhelm my means of storage.

obsessed with

these ornate neck huggers.

and this big, bold guy too.

if only my neck could handle all three of them at once.

goldtone, heaped on the gorgeous charley harper tome.

i hope you all enjoy a weekend filled with gorgeous things, good sleep and maybe a cocktail or two.

xo, anne

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me and the moon.

today i head back to “school”.  aka, i am starting my fabulous new job.  all told, i am over.the.moon.  so much so that i kept myself very busy this weekend so as not to focus too much on the excitement of this impending day.

friday i spent the day crossing off innumerable little errands and to-do’s from a fluorescent green piece of paper…somehow managing to avoid any closet-taming.  i am apparently saving that hulking task for when i have a lot of stress to work out.  i lazed about the apartment on friday evening: a stack of magazines and cookbooks, a long stretch of back to back episodes of ‘say yes to the dress’ and a couple of glasses of cabernet to round out the plans.

i awoke early saturday morning to attend wordcamp, a blog camp for wordpress users (bloggers and developers alike).  in true anne fashion i got there with plenty of time to spare and set to chatting and settling in.  it wasn’t until fifteen minutes before the workshops started that i realized that i had forgotten my computer.  for blog camp.  sigh.  luckily evan hadn’t departed for tybee yet and graciously delivered said computer.  i cracked it open, only to realize that i hadn’t charged the laptop the night before.  she was on her last leg.  i win worst blogger at blog camp award.

fortunately, after soaking up all sorts of useful blog knowledge and meeting lots of fantastic people, i headed for tybee and an amazing dinner with evan and his parents.  followed by an after dinner stroll on the beach, complete with heat lightning galore, and bathwater warm ocean water lapping at our feet.


gorgeous moon over the ocean.

one more for good measure.

smattering of vintage brooches.


back to the car.

sunday was a blur of household maintenance, grocery shopping, cooking, and overall pulling-it-together.  i’ll be back once or twice this week to check in…

xo, anne


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lack of images, abundance of rest.

welcome home flowers on vintage linens, awaiting a table of guests.

another weekend, put to bed.  hopefully i got enough r&r in to get me through this week with more than one measly blog post.  apparently the intense travel situation in cahoots with my uncooperative (now dead) camera wreaked far more havoc than i anticipated.  evan’s camera and i are having a slow and less than magical start to our working relationship.  clearly, i am going to have to put a lot of effort in to make things work with this new piece of technology (or old piece of technology, if you are looking at the year of production.  but, i digress.)

we will just move swiftly from the events of last week: dinner with evan’s friend and lovely new girlfriend, managing to successfully (and swiftly, no less) unpack my 80 lbs of luggage, the launch party of the new issue of south magazine (hello, suede bikini on the cover!), which then led into the perfect friday night…

we had some friends over for a little dinner party (this may have been the motivation to unpack suitcases and clean).  and let me tell you, it was a success.  even with starting the food an hour before everyone arrived.  for some reason the timing to dinner parties has always been an issue for me.  but.  this time it all worked out effortlessly (if you disregard the smoke issue caused by grilling our side dish) and the lack of images to document the yumminess (blame the new / old camera).  i made all new (to me) recipes and have to say that all were gold-star, re-make worthy.  i made individual gorgonzola, fig, and arugula salad pizzas.  for our side dish i made grilled salt and vinegar potatoes (thank you, 101 cookbooks, via martha).  which were a salt and vinegar fan’s dream come true.  i would highly, highly recommend these.  then after copious amounts of my favorite chardonnay, we tucked into my inaugural batch of ice cream, salted caramel (happy birthday to me, indeed!), which i had bookmarked since last summer when it ran in gourmet magazine (baby, come back!).  this was glorious and decadent and will be made again and again.  the prep for this frozen concoction was labor intensive (think standing at the stove making dry caramel on a day with a heat index of 118 degrees) but oh, so worth it.  we stayed up late, gathered in our little living room, giggling and regaling each other with all sorts of stories.

my stack of printed entertainment. more.more.more.

saturday evan and i slept in late.  later than i have slept in a long time.  it was delightful.  we had a homemade breakfast and then parted ways for some errand-running.  it was another hot day in savannah, made slightly more bearable by imbibing (more like chugging) some freshly squeezed lemonade.  we did some apartment maintenance and then packed up and headed out to tybee island.  the remainder of the weekend from then on out was devoted to feverish reading (finished the girl who played with fire, am now barreling through this is where i leave you).  i amassed quite the new reading pile on my trip, which i am only too happy to spend lots of time with.  the tv barely made an appearance in my weekend (until shark week on sunday night), which i enjoyed more than i thought possible.

i am looking forward to this week, to continue devouring new books, getting the apartment pulled together, and then heading down the coast to florida next weekend to see my mom, sister, and the magical alberts women.

more later.

xo, anne


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hello savannah, goodbye camera.

hello from savannah!  i am back, safely ensconced in my little apartment, after an exhausting evening of travel (thanks, dysfunctional planes and loud, nose-picking seatmates!) on monday.  i am just now regaining some semblance of normalcy.

unfortunately, my camera gave up its will to live on sunday morning.  this is not surprising, as it has been threatening me for months, but it doesn’t help to ease the blow of being without a picture taking device.  especially when my last two days at home were filled with deep blue, gorgeous skies, a fantastic dinner with my family, and all together fabulous times.

luck would have it that i do have some other images that i managed to snap before she “corked off” as my grandpa would so eloquently put it.  as well as a couple of images that i had yet to post from the trip…

our new caterpillar friend, among the parsley

his name is herb.

best siblings. ever.

majestic ookie.


little paper friends.

i’m off for another busy day…only to return to attempt to unpack the two bulging suitcases that accompanied me back from my parents’ house.  fingers crossed that that happens in the quickly dwindling month of july!

any suggestions for a replacement camera are more than welcome…for now i am acquainting myself with evan’s camera.  fortunately for us all, he is excellent at sharing and taking good care of his possessions (things that may not completely apply to yours truly).

xo, anne


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greenery and humid air


a fond farewell to the weekend that was.  it was the best kind of weekend, in every way possible…

from friday afternoon happy hour with paige and two friends that i’ve known since my age was in single digits, that led into an unplanned but perfect byo dinner, which somehow turned into a much later night than anticipated with more friends that i’ve known forever, but see far too little of.

swimsuit, drying in the sun.

saturday was a slow day, filled to the brim with hours by the pool, gratefully soaking up some sun and escaping it in the water.  i tagged along with paige on an evening of babysitting for a family that i used to watch when i lived here…the kids are achingly adorable and sweet and every trip to see my family requires some time with them.

more perfect clouds.

neon racket on navy and white cushion.

and to round out the weekend we staked our spots on the deck for another day of sun and pool.  this time adding “monster” badminton to the mix.  this gave us: neon rackets, a scarily large shuttlecock (you would not believe the plethora of jokes this provided), and tons of laughs.  by late afternoon we were enjoying margaritas on the deck, enjoying some shade.  then moved indoors for another perfect home cooked dinner, followed by a dessert that was beyond words.

fresh squeezed citrus...

makes for excellent margaritas.

bill modeling his new coozie. which goes swimmingly with his wiley's shirt.

gorgeous, perfect, incredible tart.

and today everyone heads back to their normal routines…and i will try to keep myself busy until we’re all together again and can laugh and laugh and laugh.

xo, anne

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