fancy pants.

loudly printed fancy pants courtesy of corey lynn calter, via my love anthro.

i got dressed this morning with the sole intention of wearing a new pair of shoes.  these are some really special shoes as they are a) gold, b) slightly glittery c) kate spade and most importantly d) cost me almost nothing.  but they’re a bit tricky to wear as they are also a) pointy-toed b) delicately heeled and c) gold and shimmery (i have shockingly pale legs right now…).  so i needed to dress around these tricky but magical shoes.  and i did and i loved the look…got lots of shoe compliments too.

a. nother. one.

unfortunately, i have not a single shoe picture for you.  why?  a combination of a) pale legs and b) i was the sole photographer tonight and my powers of capturing this shoe / pant combo were limited.  as evidenced by the amount of tweedle-dee-ish foot images i ended up with.

teeny tiny vintage gold heart. from my mom. with teeny tiny gold feet.

i also wanted to show you my absolute most favorite new brooch.  procured on the same day as the magical kate spades as luck would have it.  and by luck i mean my friend mitchell…as he is clearly not only great fun but also the secret lucky charm for finding   seriously.

gold eyeglasses. like mine! but in brooch form.

there’s a chill in the air today after all of the balmy weather we had this weekend and the beginning of the week…but!  it’s supposed to warm up again tomorrow.  which is perfect timing as it’s evan and my four year meet-a-versary and we’re treating ourselves to dinner out on the town.  hopefully we’ll be able to snag a table outside as this restaurant has a cozy, gorgeous outdoor area.

more soon!





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summertime clothes

valentine's shoes, how nice of you to join us so soon!

this weekend was incredible.  i know all weekends are pretty great inherently but this one whispered to me of summer.  and that, friends is something special.  the weather forecast and its highs in the mid to upper 70’s is what pulled me through an intense as all get out week.  i sat at my desk, pausing between emails, to daydream of a weekend spent on a blanket, bathed in sun at the park.

pattern, stripes, big glasses...we're off!

some might call my determination something close to hellbent.  and in the end it was so worth all the dreaming, the planning, the packing of bags for a day at the park.  there were books to be read, magazines to pore over, perrier’s to be sipped, sandwiches to be nibbled and then i may or may have topped the whole shebang off with some icy cold prosecco.  because that is the icing on the cake in terms of a warm, sunny day at the park.  right?  the whole day had a feel of “i must pinch myself, this is per.fection.”

note the bags in the background. evan remarked that i pack more for an afternoon in the park than most folks do for vacation. he might be correct.

vintage napkins, sparkling libations, sandwiches and an evan foot.

in the late afternoon we left downtown for a jaunt to tybee.  i wish it was just for some time at the beach…but our dryer is broken and the laundry pile was inciting panicky feelings.  which were not welcome on my magical weekend.  we watched the sun set over the marsh and then headed to a cute little restaurant for dinner and maybe one more glass of bubbles while our laundry got to work at evan’s parent’s house.

after dinner we went down to the beach and saw the most amazing moon over the water.  no matter how much we tried to capture the intense light bathing the water, it was a sight best seen in person.

oh, gorgeous nighttime sky.

nighttime reflections.

sunday was a day filled with beachside lunch (though i should note it was quite chilly so you don’t hate me too much), errands, sunshine and preparing for another workweek.




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mantlescape of heart day glory. take note of the licorice. it is

well, friends we made it through another day of hearts.  although i have a cold so brutal i was sure i wouldn’t make it.  thankfully i did and i’m glad we stuck to our guns and holed up in the apartment…no cheesy prix fixe menu or schmaltzy decor.  just us and a self-imposed no tv, no books rule.  which i broke as soon as i realized the westminster dog show was on.  oops.  nothing more romantic than dogs and their poorly dressed handlers parading around madison square garden…am i right?!

there were flowers,

there were rifle paper co cards (from me to evan),

there was also a card from evan…not shown as it may fall more into the schmaltzy arena.  there is nothing cuter than two bulldog puppies cuddled up all wrinkly, right?  right.  i won’t take a picture of the picture on the card.  much as i want to.

there was also dinner.  which i didn’t capture.  because this darn cold rendered me unable to taste anything.  or speak intelligibly for that matter.  for the sake of full disclosure though i did a pepper encrusted filet, caramelized shallot mashed potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts with lemon and bacon.  i’m told it was very tasty.  oh, and we can’t forget the sea-salted brownies.  which.are.incredible.  you don’t even need the ability to taste to know this fact.

but now on to the fun part: presents!  more accurately, new shoes.  behold.

teaser. what could be behind this hot pink tissue?

strappy suede espadrille-soled wedges.

with tasseled zipper pulls? yes, please.

one more.

these are this year’s update to my beloved opals.  lighter color, espadrille sole, suede.  loves.  muchos gracias, free people…and evan, of course.

in the past two days my cold has lessened its death grip on my sinuses and i think this joyous fact warrants a glass of pinot noir and a sea-salted brownie.




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a month or two late…

hello, there 2011.  truth be told, i’m not sure where the end of 2010 went.  or more accurately, i’m not sure how i managed to fall so behind on cataloging all that was happening.  it maybe stemmed from the death of my not-so-trusty camera (the last sony i’ll own).  additionally, it may have had something to do with my maniacal and seemingly unending holiday shopping.  oh, and work.  lets not forget that guy.  we’re pretty tight, me and my work.

so in an effort to get back in the groove and back on track with my dear little blog, i’ll catch you up a bit.  starting with christmas…when i tore open the wrapping paper (a few days early) to the joyous sight of a shiny new camera.  yay early presents with evan!

i headed north at the crack of dawn on christmas eve day to my family.

why, hello santa. fancy seeing you here.

cuddly, snuggly ernie.

a merry marimekko christmas

this year was fantastic…all footie pajamas and mimosas and cuddling on the couch while leisurely unwrapping gifts.  and multiple viewings of despicable me.  which is such a happymaker.

fringey, black leather magic. courtesy of my one and only sistergirl.

i unwrapped many a fantastic treat including this bag, some incredible beetle wing earrings (not documented yet, but expect images soon), a griddle that i have used more times than i can possibly count in the last two months, and on and on.  it was amazing.

new giles and brother with its bangle brethren.

and friends, after the gifts came the snow.  oh, so much snow.  so much snow that we were almost stranded at my grandparents’ house.  so much snow that noone had to work and we were gloriously stuck at home all together, snug and cozy.  we shoveled snow, we ate pancakes, we shoveled some more, we built a snow bar and warmed up by a fire with drinks in hand.  it was maybe the most magical way to take a beating from a blizzard.

howard men shoveling.


lots 'o snow.

ma sister. with snow shovel.


the rest of the trip was more of this magic and then some.  the end of the visit came too quickly (as usual) and i headed back to the south.  where for a blissful week or so was not in need of a coat or snow boots.

sparkles, glitters, 2011.

evan and i rang in the new year by ourselves on tybee with roasted oysters and low country boil and bubbly (for me).  it was perfection.  we woke up on the first of the year to a balmy day and a walk on the beach.

flock of seagulls. for real.

and somehow here we are on the eve of valentines day…it’s been just over a year since i started blogging here and i am looking forward to many more.  if i can just pull my s*&t together already.

and with that i belatedly wish you a happy 2o11 and an early happy hearts day.



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two tickets to paradise


you are a welcome delight.


the weather is certainly not the most exciting thing to be happening this week…but i cannot get over how glorious it has been here in savannah.  seventy-five degrees with no humidity really suits this cobblestone lined city.  it’s far more enjoyable than the deathly heat and humidity that seems so far away now.  amazing what some briskness in the air does, huh?



and while the weather is merely the backdrop for all else and i refuse to let it take center stage, the mere breaking out of the armoire of three different pairs of boots may be of the more news making events i’ve been privy to in some time.   this week has seen layering (cardigans!  light jackets!  socks!), open windows of the car and apartment variety and a certain golden tinted fall light that is just such a happymaker.


more, please.



i took these images of the sunset last saturday while reading, sipping a glass of chardonnay and generally just enjoying some well deserved downtime.  i had forgotten my camera and my blackberry happened to do a decent job of capturing the incredible colors before they slipped away just as quickly as they had come.

weekend, here i come!  in case you must know…this weekend includes a little something called “pirate fest” and involves a live performance from mr. eddie money.  shiver me timbers and find me a bedazzled eye patch!

xo, anne


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an ode to saturday

el. oh. vee. ee.

at the end of weeks that have seemed to require the stamina of a marathon runner (although i won’t even pretend to know what that is all about) i find saturday to be my most favorite day.  it’s comes tiptoeing in without a wake up courtesy of a screaming alarm, involves breakfasts more elaborate than opening a box, there’s plenty of leisurely coffee sipping and the day seems full of promise for ticking off lots of mundane tasks from a list that never seems to shrink.  this is the saturday morning of fall…spring and summer saturdays are more steeped in rushed and feverish need to be on the beach, in the sand, bobbing in water.  but, i digress.

i have big plans for this weekend: errand running, book reading, magazine perusing,  picnic in the park, getting some work done (clicking away on the laptop seems less painful when done from home, glass of wine waiting nearby upon completion), editing and organizing my closet and dressers, and on and on and on.  all punctuated with nights spent sleeping with the windows (aka one window not painted shut) flung open to allow in every slightly chilled breeze that comes our way.

before i commence on checking all of these things off the list, i want to share with you some of the bounty of last weekend.  hours of which were spent in my favorite antique store, rummaging through piles of jewelry with nary a breeze or hint of air conditioning.  it was very similar to scavenging in a sauna.  i surely managed to rid myself of some toxins while procuring some amazing new accessories with which to adorn myself.

the brooch collection is beginning to overwhelm my means of storage.

obsessed with

these ornate neck huggers.

and this big, bold guy too.

if only my neck could handle all three of them at once.

goldtone, heaped on the gorgeous charley harper tome.

i hope you all enjoy a weekend filled with gorgeous things, good sleep and maybe a cocktail or two.

xo, anne

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charcoal colored nails, neck full of gems, new favorite cardi.

so, apparently it has been nineteen days since i last posted something to my dear, makingpretty.

this should come to no surprise to me as my happy little mac has been sitting forlornly, uncharged, practically untouched on my desk for as many days.  this feels all too similar to when i was younger and would buy a new journal and vow to write in it  my deadbeat blogger behavior has certainly not been intentional.  it’s just an unfortunate side effect of underestimating the onslaught of work i am facing and overestimating my ability to sit in front of a computer screen for more than twelve hours a day.

in addition to the busy and utterly fantastic work life i’ve been settling in to, lots of other exciting things have been brewing in our little nook of downtown savannah.  i searched high and low (with evan in tow, naturally) for a car to facilitate my newfound need to be in multiple places, preferably without arriving halfway melted (an unfortunate side effect of walking / biking in savannah roughly half of the year)…and found one.    a week ago i became a car owner for the first time since i graduated college and traded in my adorable, perfect little cabrio for a life of train riding.  it’s glorious, friends.  i love this little car we found.

an unfortunate, but entirely unavoidable effect of car purchasing is that i’ve spent more time than i care to acknowledge or remember at the dmv.  with more time there clearly ahead of me, as soon as i can find a moment between the hours of eight and five on monday and friday.  which frankly, doesn’t exist for the time being.

love notes. in hard copy.

i’ve been obsessing over snail mail lately.  which i can only imagine is a side effect of all of the electronic mail i’ve been sending.  my favorite thing is to go to the art supply store and choose gorgeous colored plain stationary and write notes to my loves.  i seal them up with japanese tape emblazoned with hearts.  affix a fun stamp and send them along their way.  it is such a small, but delightful task.

date night in tan and saffron.

soft evening light through the trees.

evan and i earmarked last friday night for a bona fide date.  which sounds oh-so-lame.  and i suppose it is, but it was one of the most magical friday nights we’ve had together in a long time.  who knew that someone else cooking, serving and cleaning up dinner would make such a difference?  mental note: partake in date night much, much more often.

tone on tone.

historic brick.

and with that, friends i am off for another busy day.   i promise it will not be another nineteen days without a dispatch.

xo, anne


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