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anything to make you smile

concert attire...

it’s official, the best way to kick off the week is with a loud, amazing concert.  preferably one to which you scored tickets that put you within touching range of the stage.  especially if these incredible seats are located in something called “the golden circle”.


what's in there?

add to that glorious weather, a couple glasses of chardonnay and a tall, easygoing partner in crime and it doesn’t get much better.

oh, wait top all of that off with a night of rolling thunderstorms and rain to sleep to.  that.is.perfect.

just a much needed reprieve from a whole lot of intensity.

in summary: band of horses are amazing in concert.  i wore my glasses as my distance vision is pitiful…turns out i had no need for specs!  we were oh, so close.  i wore my new favorite vintage cotton gauze dress (a nod as per usual to mrs. roper).  brilliant idea: packing a pair of flats for the walk home.

view from our seats.


xo, anne



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an evening of july

after a rainy, stormy day the sun has come out.  my trip has already been quite magical and i am ensconced in a happy, happy place.  some images, so far.

cicada: he bit the bullet.

possibly the best sleepwear i have ever witnessed. kudos, gunter.

my mom's perfect necklace layering. pave heart nestled with tiffany locket. loves.

daisies with a favorite old-school picture of the kevs. first day of school-style.

woodie is reading alice in wonderland and through the looking glass.  i was thumbing through and caught this bit of poetry that seemed like perfection for the scene here.

“a boat beneath a sunny sky

lingering onward dreamily

in an evening of july –

children three that nestle near,

eager eye and willing ear”

lewis carrol, through the looking glass

and with that i am returning to our newly sunny evening, looking forward to tomorrow.

xo, anne

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she’s a gem.

well, howdy.

the dvf opal. taunting me mercilessly since i first saw her. actually i take that back.  i first saw her in brown.  and she is lovely in brown.  but i am in possession of many many pairs of fabulous brown shoes and have no need for another amazing pair, especially with a wooden heel.  then.  i saw them in black.  (brief sidenote: i am at a loss as to why good black shoes are so hard to find.  a lot of times they look cheap, or a tad too precious.  i have long been bereft of a good statement black shoe.)

so happy to have you on my feet.

the opal in black?   it was love at first sight.  and as the ever magical bleubelle boutique (here in savannah!) had them in stock, i got to visit them, try them on, and silently will all would-be shoppers to not buy the last pair of seven and a halfs.


and then evan (and mitchell: creative director of bleubelle, master of wit and hilarity, and project runway alum) intervened and worked a little magic and the opals were mine!

zipped in.

well, not technically mine yet as they are a birthday gift.  but they are in our apartment, awaiting a wrapping job and good hiding place, ready to lay dormant for the next month until my actual day of birth.  however, since evan is such a dream, he allowed a photoshoot to commemorate the opals coming home from the boutique to live with us.  before he hides the shoes skillfully.

you're just too good to be true

can't take my eyes off of you.

opals + savannah grey brick + cold glass of chardonnay = happiness.

can't get enough.

night vision back view.

i am a lucky girl and feel as though this birthday will be nothing short of fantastic if we’re kicking it off with the opals.  love.love.love.  evan is the best.

if you’re in savannah it is imperative that you stop in to bleubelle…not only for the dvf shoes, but a masterfully curated selection of clothes.  if you’re not in savannah and you too want the opals to come live with you saks, shopbop, and a number of other retailers carry them.

xo, anne


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