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baby, come back.

oh, hi.  lets time travel, shall we?  i will blame the need to do so on our internet.  always wonky, now completely uncooperative.  it’s on a long list of things to tackle once i’ve climbed out from under my mass of work.  this internet situation presents both good and bad situations…bad: 6am trips to starbucks to begin my work day, emailing as i chug a clover brewed coffee.  that is, until a jittery, questionably smelling man crackhead sits next to me.  good: re-visiting paige’s trip to savannah.  she’s been gone almost two weeks (though it feels much longer) and i’m just now getting around to this post.  i could use a little reminder of how lovely and magical and carefree things were mere weeks ago…

howard girls in green. with prosecco.

there was the day filled with green, silly people in the streets and more prosecco than you could shake a stick at.

our little friend joined us for cocktails and people watching.

there were hours of sitting in the sun. jackets became unnecessary as the weather was perfection.

sidenote: this is roughly every piece of green i own.

there might be nothing better than sitting on the steps with your sister in the sun.

there were pansies galore.

there was a favorite spot to sit and watch the party people pass by.

not pictured: there was a day of wedding dress shopping.  as much as i would love to plaster this little nook of the internet with images of the dresses not bought and the one that is currently hanging waiting patiently in my closet….i just cannot.  the woman at the dress store gave me very strict instructions.  but the dress, she is gorgeous.

there was an al fresco italian feast,

at a table for two.

there was a day on the open water.

there was the discovery of an insanely large tooth that surely belonged to a megalodon

there was a slow afternoon spent overlooking the marsh

there was the.super.moon. spied over the ocean.

there was some documentation of our toothy finds.

there was an afternoon of shopping, macarons and giggles.

there were hours spent in the grass, at the park assembling mood boards for the wedding.

there was frankly not enough time with my sister.  that’s the way it always is with my family though…it’s all so wonderful and perfect and in the blink of an eye it’s over.  i may have campaigned for here to move her.  my fingers are firmly crossed that it will happen.

that’s all, for now.

xo, anne



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hello savannah, goodbye camera.

hello from savannah!  i am back, safely ensconced in my little apartment, after an exhausting evening of travel (thanks, dysfunctional planes and loud, nose-picking seatmates!) on monday.  i am just now regaining some semblance of normalcy.

unfortunately, my camera gave up its will to live on sunday morning.  this is not surprising, as it has been threatening me for months, but it doesn’t help to ease the blow of being without a picture taking device.  especially when my last two days at home were filled with deep blue, gorgeous skies, a fantastic dinner with my family, and all together fabulous times.

luck would have it that i do have some other images that i managed to snap before she “corked off” as my grandpa would so eloquently put it.  as well as a couple of images that i had yet to post from the trip…

our new caterpillar friend, among the parsley

his name is herb.

best siblings. ever.

majestic ookie.


little paper friends.

i’m off for another busy day…only to return to attempt to unpack the two bulging suitcases that accompanied me back from my parents’ house.  fingers crossed that that happens in the quickly dwindling month of july!

any suggestions for a replacement camera are more than welcome…for now i am acquainting myself with evan’s camera.  fortunately for us all, he is excellent at sharing and taking good care of his possessions (things that may not completely apply to yours truly).

xo, anne


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