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baby, come back.

oh, hi.  lets time travel, shall we?  i will blame the need to do so on our internet.  always wonky, now completely uncooperative.  it’s on a long list of things to tackle once i’ve climbed out from under my mass of work.  this internet situation presents both good and bad situations…bad: 6am trips to starbucks to begin my work day, emailing as i chug a clover brewed coffee.  that is, until a jittery, questionably smelling man crackhead sits next to me.  good: re-visiting paige’s trip to savannah.  she’s been gone almost two weeks (though it feels much longer) and i’m just now getting around to this post.  i could use a little reminder of how lovely and magical and carefree things were mere weeks ago…

howard girls in green. with prosecco.

there was the day filled with green, silly people in the streets and more prosecco than you could shake a stick at.

our little friend joined us for cocktails and people watching.

there were hours of sitting in the sun. jackets became unnecessary as the weather was perfection.

sidenote: this is roughly every piece of green i own.

there might be nothing better than sitting on the steps with your sister in the sun.

there were pansies galore.

there was a favorite spot to sit and watch the party people pass by.

not pictured: there was a day of wedding dress shopping.  as much as i would love to plaster this little nook of the internet with images of the dresses not bought and the one that is currently hanging waiting patiently in my closet….i just cannot.  the woman at the dress store gave me very strict instructions.  but the dress, she is gorgeous.

there was an al fresco italian feast,

at a table for two.

there was a day on the open water.

there was the discovery of an insanely large tooth that surely belonged to a megalodon

there was a slow afternoon spent overlooking the marsh

there was the.super.moon. spied over the ocean.

there was some documentation of our toothy finds.

there was an afternoon of shopping, macarons and giggles.

there were hours spent in the grass, at the park assembling mood boards for the wedding.

there was frankly not enough time with my sister.  that’s the way it always is with my family though…it’s all so wonderful and perfect and in the blink of an eye it’s over.  i may have campaigned for here to move her.  my fingers are firmly crossed that it will happen.

that’s all, for now.

xo, anne



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summertime clothes

valentine's shoes, how nice of you to join us so soon!

this weekend was incredible.  i know all weekends are pretty great inherently but this one whispered to me of summer.  and that, friends is something special.  the weather forecast and its highs in the mid to upper 70’s is what pulled me through an intense as all get out week.  i sat at my desk, pausing between emails, to daydream of a weekend spent on a blanket, bathed in sun at the park.

pattern, stripes, big glasses...we're off!

some might call my determination something close to hellbent.  and in the end it was so worth all the dreaming, the planning, the packing of bags for a day at the park.  there were books to be read, magazines to pore over, perrier’s to be sipped, sandwiches to be nibbled and then i may or may have topped the whole shebang off with some icy cold prosecco.  because that is the icing on the cake in terms of a warm, sunny day at the park.  right?  the whole day had a feel of “i must pinch myself, this is per.fection.”

note the bags in the background. evan remarked that i pack more for an afternoon in the park than most folks do for vacation. he might be correct.

vintage napkins, sparkling libations, sandwiches and an evan foot.

in the late afternoon we left downtown for a jaunt to tybee.  i wish it was just for some time at the beach…but our dryer is broken and the laundry pile was inciting panicky feelings.  which were not welcome on my magical weekend.  we watched the sun set over the marsh and then headed to a cute little restaurant for dinner and maybe one more glass of bubbles while our laundry got to work at evan’s parent’s house.

after dinner we went down to the beach and saw the most amazing moon over the water.  no matter how much we tried to capture the intense light bathing the water, it was a sight best seen in person.

oh, gorgeous nighttime sky.

nighttime reflections.

sunday was a day filled with beachside lunch (though i should note it was quite chilly so you don’t hate me too much), errands, sunshine and preparing for another workweek.




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a month or two late…

hello, there 2011.  truth be told, i’m not sure where the end of 2010 went.  or more accurately, i’m not sure how i managed to fall so behind on cataloging all that was happening.  it maybe stemmed from the death of my not-so-trusty camera (the last sony i’ll own).  additionally, it may have had something to do with my maniacal and seemingly unending holiday shopping.  oh, and work.  lets not forget that guy.  we’re pretty tight, me and my work.

so in an effort to get back in the groove and back on track with my dear little blog, i’ll catch you up a bit.  starting with christmas…when i tore open the wrapping paper (a few days early) to the joyous sight of a shiny new camera.  yay early presents with evan!

i headed north at the crack of dawn on christmas eve day to my family.

why, hello santa. fancy seeing you here.

cuddly, snuggly ernie.

a merry marimekko christmas

this year was fantastic…all footie pajamas and mimosas and cuddling on the couch while leisurely unwrapping gifts.  and multiple viewings of despicable me.  which is such a happymaker.

fringey, black leather magic. courtesy of my one and only sistergirl.

i unwrapped many a fantastic treat including this bag, some incredible beetle wing earrings (not documented yet, but expect images soon), a griddle that i have used more times than i can possibly count in the last two months, and on and on.  it was amazing.

new giles and brother with its bangle brethren.

and friends, after the gifts came the snow.  oh, so much snow.  so much snow that we were almost stranded at my grandparents’ house.  so much snow that noone had to work and we were gloriously stuck at home all together, snug and cozy.  we shoveled snow, we ate pancakes, we shoveled some more, we built a snow bar and warmed up by a fire with drinks in hand.  it was maybe the most magical way to take a beating from a blizzard.

howard men shoveling.


lots 'o snow.

ma sister. with snow shovel.


the rest of the trip was more of this magic and then some.  the end of the visit came too quickly (as usual) and i headed back to the south.  where for a blissful week or so was not in need of a coat or snow boots.

sparkles, glitters, 2011.

evan and i rang in the new year by ourselves on tybee with roasted oysters and low country boil and bubbly (for me).  it was perfection.  we woke up on the first of the year to a balmy day and a walk on the beach.

flock of seagulls. for real.

and somehow here we are on the eve of valentines day…it’s been just over a year since i started blogging here and i am looking forward to many more.  if i can just pull my s*&t together already.

and with that i belatedly wish you a happy 2o11 and an early happy hearts day.



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