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baby, come back.

oh, hi.  lets time travel, shall we?  i will blame the need to do so on our internet.  always wonky, now completely uncooperative.  it’s on a long list of things to tackle once i’ve climbed out from under my mass of work.  this internet situation presents both good and bad situations…bad: 6am trips to starbucks to begin my work day, emailing as i chug a clover brewed coffee.  that is, until a jittery, questionably smelling man crackhead sits next to me.  good: re-visiting paige’s trip to savannah.  she’s been gone almost two weeks (though it feels much longer) and i’m just now getting around to this post.  i could use a little reminder of how lovely and magical and carefree things were mere weeks ago…

howard girls in green. with prosecco.

there was the day filled with green, silly people in the streets and more prosecco than you could shake a stick at.

our little friend joined us for cocktails and people watching.

there were hours of sitting in the sun. jackets became unnecessary as the weather was perfection.

sidenote: this is roughly every piece of green i own.

there might be nothing better than sitting on the steps with your sister in the sun.

there were pansies galore.

there was a favorite spot to sit and watch the party people pass by.

not pictured: there was a day of wedding dress shopping.  as much as i would love to plaster this little nook of the internet with images of the dresses not bought and the one that is currently hanging waiting patiently in my closet….i just cannot.  the woman at the dress store gave me very strict instructions.  but the dress, she is gorgeous.

there was an al fresco italian feast,

at a table for two.

there was a day on the open water.

there was the discovery of an insanely large tooth that surely belonged to a megalodon

there was a slow afternoon spent overlooking the marsh

there was the.super.moon. spied over the ocean.

there was some documentation of our toothy finds.

there was an afternoon of shopping, macarons and giggles.

there were hours spent in the grass, at the park assembling mood boards for the wedding.

there was frankly not enough time with my sister.  that’s the way it always is with my family though…it’s all so wonderful and perfect and in the blink of an eye it’s over.  i may have campaigned for here to move her.  my fingers are firmly crossed that it will happen.

that’s all, for now.

xo, anne



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a resounding yes.


off to dinner.


this past thursday evan and i celebrated our four year meet-a-versary.  the weather cooperated, we dined outside, cava was sipped, the food was amazing.


al fresco.


we strolled around downtown, got frozen yogurt, visited the spot where we first kissed.  then we headed home and evan asked me to marry him.  i responded with a resounding yes.


new best friend.


my left hand now sports a aquamarine and diamond baguette stunner from the 40’s.  it’s perfect and i am just so thrilled to be engaged to such a fantastic evan.  the outpouring of congratulations, excitement and support from our friends and family has been overwhelming and magical.  to say that i’m beaming is an understatement.




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an ode to saturday

el. oh. vee. ee.

at the end of weeks that have seemed to require the stamina of a marathon runner (although i won’t even pretend to know what that is all about) i find saturday to be my most favorite day.  it’s comes tiptoeing in without a wake up courtesy of a screaming alarm, involves breakfasts more elaborate than opening a box, there’s plenty of leisurely coffee sipping and the day seems full of promise for ticking off lots of mundane tasks from a list that never seems to shrink.  this is the saturday morning of fall…spring and summer saturdays are more steeped in rushed and feverish need to be on the beach, in the sand, bobbing in water.  but, i digress.

i have big plans for this weekend: errand running, book reading, magazine perusing,  picnic in the park, getting some work done (clicking away on the laptop seems less painful when done from home, glass of wine waiting nearby upon completion), editing and organizing my closet and dressers, and on and on and on.  all punctuated with nights spent sleeping with the windows (aka one window not painted shut) flung open to allow in every slightly chilled breeze that comes our way.

before i commence on checking all of these things off the list, i want to share with you some of the bounty of last weekend.  hours of which were spent in my favorite antique store, rummaging through piles of jewelry with nary a breeze or hint of air conditioning.  it was very similar to scavenging in a sauna.  i surely managed to rid myself of some toxins while procuring some amazing new accessories with which to adorn myself.

the brooch collection is beginning to overwhelm my means of storage.

obsessed with

these ornate neck huggers.

and this big, bold guy too.

if only my neck could handle all three of them at once.

goldtone, heaped on the gorgeous charley harper tome.

i hope you all enjoy a weekend filled with gorgeous things, good sleep and maybe a cocktail or two.

xo, anne

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charcoal colored nails, neck full of gems, new favorite cardi.

so, apparently it has been nineteen days since i last posted something to my dear, makingpretty.

this should come to no surprise to me as my happy little mac has been sitting forlornly, uncharged, practically untouched on my desk for as many days.  this feels all too similar to when i was younger and would buy a new journal and vow to write in it every.single.day.  my deadbeat blogger behavior has certainly not been intentional.  it’s just an unfortunate side effect of underestimating the onslaught of work i am facing and overestimating my ability to sit in front of a computer screen for more than twelve hours a day.

in addition to the busy and utterly fantastic work life i’ve been settling in to, lots of other exciting things have been brewing in our little nook of downtown savannah.  i searched high and low (with evan in tow, naturally) for a car to facilitate my newfound need to be in multiple places, preferably without arriving halfway melted (an unfortunate side effect of walking / biking in savannah roughly half of the year)…and found one.    a week ago i became a car owner for the first time since i graduated college and traded in my adorable, perfect little cabrio for a life of train riding.  it’s glorious, friends.  i love this little car we found.

an unfortunate, but entirely unavoidable effect of car purchasing is that i’ve spent more time than i care to acknowledge or remember at the dmv.  with more time there clearly ahead of me, as soon as i can find a moment between the hours of eight and five on monday and friday.  which frankly, doesn’t exist for the time being.

love notes. in hard copy.

i’ve been obsessing over snail mail lately.  which i can only imagine is a side effect of all of the electronic mail i’ve been sending.  my favorite thing is to go to the art supply store and choose gorgeous colored plain stationary and write notes to my loves.  i seal them up with japanese tape emblazoned with hearts.  affix a fun stamp and send them along their way.  it is such a small, but delightful task.

date night in tan and saffron.

soft evening light through the trees.

evan and i earmarked last friday night for a bona fide date.  which sounds oh-so-lame.  and i suppose it is, but it was one of the most magical friday nights we’ve had together in a long time.  who knew that someone else cooking, serving and cleaning up dinner would make such a difference?  mental note: partake in date night much, much more often.

tone on tone.

historic brick.

and with that, friends i am off for another busy day.   i promise it will not be another nineteen days without a dispatch.

xo, anne


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not anywhere near twenty-one.

on my two week long foray into relaxation last month at my parent’s house i happened to find myself doing quite a bit of shopping.  some of it highbrow, some of it not-so-much.  i could not ignore the siren call of forever twenty-one, as it beckoned me with its shockingly low prices, despite the fact that i am no longer anywhere near twenty-one.  no matter!  lots of old people shop there, right?

well, friends…apparently not on the day that i went.  i had heaped armfuls of trend-driven, likely to fall apart merch into my arms and headed to the fitting rooms.  all was going swimmingly until a gaggle of teenagers swarmed the fitting rooms and began chatting about their perfect ‘first day of school’ outfits.  i was deflated.  and felt o-l-d.  as i have not had a ‘first day of school’ in ten years…college doesn’t count.  and even that has been five years.

i laughed it off and had a talk with myself about how i should probably just steer clear of this delightfully loud, cheap, and trendy mecca from now until forever.

which was working just fine until i was in possession of a vehicle, some extra time, and the need to ‘fill in some gaps’ in my already filled to the brim wardrobe.  except this time there we met with success: no talk of high school, a couple of fantastic transitional tops, and a fistful of glittery new baubles with which to adorn myself.  consider me back in the throes of a questionably age -inappropriate relationship.

yesterday i donned my new black “silk” and lace top with my fave harem pants (i only got asked once where my magic carpet was), some uber heavy f21 rhinestone dangly earrings, a wristful of jangles, and my beloved opals (switched out of the bejeweled flats for dinner).

i am actually physically incapable of not purchasing jewelry with this sort of heavy sparkliness.

bun + keyhole + lace panel = best attempt at not melting.

this outfit proved a worthy opponent to the oppressive savannah heat…the top was blousy and the lace provided ventilation and the pants are so lightweight that they are almost sheer.

black, brick, tropical greenery.

as we briskly walked to the car (we were only slightly behind schedule) to head to a gorgeous dinner prepared by our lovely friends i had to stop and snap these pics of the famed cathedral…the sky was incredibly blue and the cathedral was breathtaking.  i LOVE my adopted city.

holy moly, literally.


happy friday, my loves!

xo, anne


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hello savannah, goodbye camera.

hello from savannah!  i am back, safely ensconced in my little apartment, after an exhausting evening of travel (thanks, dysfunctional planes and loud, nose-picking seatmates!) on monday.  i am just now regaining some semblance of normalcy.

unfortunately, my camera gave up its will to live on sunday morning.  this is not surprising, as it has been threatening me for months, but it doesn’t help to ease the blow of being without a picture taking device.  especially when my last two days at home were filled with deep blue, gorgeous skies, a fantastic dinner with my family, and all together fabulous times.

luck would have it that i do have some other images that i managed to snap before she “corked off” as my grandpa would so eloquently put it.  as well as a couple of images that i had yet to post from the trip…

our new caterpillar friend, among the parsley

his name is herb.

best siblings. ever.

majestic ookie.


little paper friends.

i’m off for another busy day…only to return to attempt to unpack the two bulging suitcases that accompanied me back from my parents’ house.  fingers crossed that that happens in the quickly dwindling month of july!

any suggestions for a replacement camera are more than welcome…for now i am acquainting myself with evan’s camera.  fortunately for us all, he is excellent at sharing and taking good care of his possessions (things that may not completely apply to yours truly).

xo, anne


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stormy celebrations

the birthday festivities have already begun, friends (four days early, to be exact).  as much as i revel in this, i promise it was not my idea.  i kicked off the celebrations on saturday, by seeing the newest twilight movie with evan’s mom.  she not only introduced me to the books last summer (which were all read in a matter of mere weeks.  and no, i am not embarrassed.) but is one of the few people i know who will see the movies with me.  in a theater.  in public.  it was a fantastic kickoff, which led to a lovely dinner at evan’s parents’ house.

watching the storm approach...

we had drinks and watched the storm that was threatening to let loose on us.  tybee hadn’t had rain in forever and we figured it would blow over.  however as time passed, the lightning and thunder seemed to get closer and more intense and then the tornado sirens went off.

if you look closely, you will see a rather large banana spider.

menacing clouds.

holstein is not a fan of the tornado siren.

we all fled into the house and settled around the table, thinking it would maybe rain a little.  and rain it did.  along with thunder and lightning that seemed to be striking just outside the window.  the power flickered but never went out.  it was quite the dramatic backdrop for the first dinner celebrating my twenty-eighth (jeez) year.

once the storm was over, we assessed the scene outside.  the wind had blown one of the screen doors from the porch off of its hinges.

that's not where you belong.


i then tackled my stack of gifts…and lets just say that i am the very proud and excited owner of an ice cream maker.  along with other kitchen gadgets and supplies to add to my arsenal.  it was so lovely.

and then after an all-too early wake up call this morning and a short flight through only slightly bumpy skies, i have arrived at my family’s house.  to attempt to put into words how happy this makes me would be nearly impossible.

xo, anne

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